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Relationships have the most profound impact on our happiness, when they are going well everything can feel great, but when all is not well, it is sadly easy to despair. Relationship therapy can help you as a couple to heal your relationship. We can bring back the love, kindness, and happiness, forever banishing frustration, irritation, loneliness, and hurt. If you feel on your own to the extent your partner does not want to attend therapy, I can help you make some changes to improve your relationship to bring them close enough to join you in healing your relationship either in therapy or at home together. If your relationship is beyond repair but you do not want to be in this position again, we can work together to ensure your future is not based on unhealthy patterns from your past. Click here to see a list of some of the common issues and problems that I deal with using various therapeutic techniques, some of which I deal with in the two relationship books that have been published.

Your Relationship a work in Progress BookI have successfully helped many couples save their relationship and I use a variety of psychological techniques, whatever works for you as a couple. This can often change depending on what stage of therapy you are at. I'll always make sure that we use the type of therapy that helps you most.

The first step in the process is to organise and attend an assessment. We will discuss your needs and develop a bespoke treatment plan together. I have a practice in Harley Street, Central London, and Wandsworth, South West London. I work during the day and in the evenings, so I can work around your commitments.

I always prioritise your privacy and emotional well being.

How to start therapy

Get comfortable?

You need to be comfortable with therapy and my delivery. So do ask me any questions?

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Starting therapy

Find out how therapy works. I use a multitude of different techniques and personalise the therapy to suit you and your individual needs.

Starting Therapy

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Therapy starts with a 50 minute assessment, where we talk, I detail how I can help, and we agree a treatment plan.

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