Dr Lucy Atcheson Counselling Psychologist

In the media

Psychologist on Chrissy B show
Psychologist on Tonight with Trevor MacDonald
Psychologist on Make Me Perfect
Psychologist on ITV’s ‘I smack and I am Proud’
Psychologist on ITV’s ‘Turn Back Your Body Clock’
Psychologist on BBC 3’s Panic Room
Psychologist on Morning TV
LK Today as their agony aunt’

Published Books
Free yourself from Fear
Dr Lucy Atcheson’s Guide to the Perfect relationship
Anxiety Attacks: Conquering Your Insecurities, Anxieties and Fears
Your Relationship: A Work in Progress

On the Radio
Women’s hour talking about why some women have relationships with men in prison for murder, and phobia of mice.
I have also been on numerous radio shows talking about phobias and how to beat them, and how to get yourself the relationship you deserve.

Press I constantly provide psychological comment in popular press on issues relating to: relationships, fear, abuse, and the impact of bullying.

Other practices
I am a qualified hypnotherapist and external examiner under the BST foundation. I am also a partner in www.briefstrategictherapy.co.uk which specialises in brief psychological therapy for Medico-legal cases & litigation.




BPS Chartered Psychologist
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