Work with Impact and Confidence

Improve your professional Impact

Coaching can help you to manage your professional relationships, and image to maximise your potential. Communication and impact is of paramount importance to progress your career at a speed that makes you and your lifestyle happy. Particularly, in the current climate professional confidence can be easily undermined, which traps you in a paranoid and nervous mindset. Psychological coaching can help. I can help.

Change your career

If you do not have the career you want, and you have decided to make a huge career change in 2014, I can help. As an accredited career advisor and counselling psychologist I can help you discover the career you are meant to have, and establish what you are best suited for. After this discovery I will support you to develop a strategic and effective plan in order to achieve this career change. I can also help you to identify how to improve your current career position, enhance your skills and maximise your chances of promotion and success.

Interview Success

I am able to help you dramatically increase your chances at interview by offering specialised interview training. At interview confidence is key, confidence portrayal and communication can be taught. I use psychometric tests, neuro-linguistic programming, and body language skills where appropriate. Career support can also help you to deal effectively with work related stressors such as:
  • Stress/ stress management
  • Anger/ anger management
  • Burn-out
  • Anxiety/ panic attacks
  • Redundancy
  • Conflict resolution
  • Harassment
Work is such a huge aspect of our lives, let's make 2014 the year you are impressed by your work performance. These sessions cost £140.00 each and are inclusive of any licensed psychometric tests and any other specialised tools we use. Please contact me to book a preliminary session or appointment.

How to start therapy

Starting therapy

Find out how I use different techniques to personalise the therapy to suit you and your needs.

Starting Therapy

Get comfortable?

You need to be comfortable with therapy and my delivery. So do ask me questions?

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Therapy starts with a 50 minute assessment, where we talk, I detail how I can help, and we agree a treatment plan.

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