Private Psychologist offering supportive & successful therapy

Guide to a perfect Relationship Book I'm Dr Lucy Atcheson a private Psychologist, with clinics in Harley street and Wandsworth. I have been successfully treating clients through supportive private therapy for over 14 years.

As a private psychologist I have successfully treated many clients as individuals, couples and families. They all come wanting to change their lives in some way for the better. I can do this through 50 minutes a week of therapy. We will agree a treatment plan and therapy can be as short as 6 weeks in duration.

People have therapy for a variety of different types of reasons, some of the more common are listed below. The full list of presenting issues would be too long too list here so please contact me if you have any questions on what I can treat.

Below are some of the areas where I can help change your life:

The full list would be too long so please contact me if you have any questions on what I can treat.

How long have you being helping clients

I have over 14 years experience as a registered doctor of psychology, chartered and accredited by the British Psychological Society and the Health and Care Professions Council

Appointments when you need them

One of the main reasons to enter into therapy with a psychologist in private practice is that you can get late appointments that suit you, when you finish work or during the day so you can focus your time and energy on yourself, that's when you want your therapy.

Making therapy work for you

Therapy in private practice is designed around you, as supportive as you need, effective, goal orientated and always in your best interests. We will co-construct a therapeutic relationship and treatment strategy that will really work for you, and that fits into your lifestyle so it's sustainable. Therapy needs to be intense and effective so we want to make the practicalities surrounding it, such as your journey less intense and as easy as possible. Both Harley Street and my Wandsworth clinic are easily accessible via public transport and parking is free in the evenings in central london and free in Wandsworth.

Therapy in private practice can also be incorporated as part of a wider health care system when necessary. I have strong links with other psychologists, psychiatrists, GPs, and inpatient clinics.

Do you work with Health insurance companies

Unlike most psychologists my fees are fully covered by all major health insurance providers. There is no additional fee to pay per session. If I am not currently registered with your health insurance company I am sure this can be arranged

How to start therapy

Get comfortable?

You need to be comfortable with therapy and my delivery. So do ask me any questions?

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Starting therapy

Find out how therapy works.
I use a multitude of different techniques and personalise the therapy to suit you and your individual needs.

Starting Therapy

Arrange an assessment

Therapy starts with a 50 minute assessment, where we talk, I detail how I can help, and we agree a treatment plan.

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