Covid-19 Support in this crisis

Anxiety and Panic

The current pandemic is causing nationwide anxiety and panic. This is exacerbating health anxiety and panic attacks. There is no need to simply suffer these, we can work together to reduce panic and implement self-protective strategies at the same time as reducing anxiety. Perspective and self-compassion is key.

Self- Isolating and loneliness

Self-isolating can cause despair and extreme loneliness, increasing symptoms of depression. Therapy can help you connect to your optimism and become mindful of meeting your emotional needs. Isolation doesn’t need to feel like torture, and therapy can support you through it.

Relationship Issues

Working from home can cause issues in your relationship, as you can begin to feel trapped with your partner. Therapy helps you consider strategies that protect your relationship while protecting your health.

Practice Policy

This practice is following World Health Organisation guidelines to remain a sanitized and safe environment. On line sessions are currently routinely offered as an alternative of face to face sessions. I am a psychologist with 15 years post qualifying experience. I am a doctor of psychology, chartered and accredited by the British Psychological Society and the Health and Care Professions Council. I have an extensive professional network, should you require collaborative medical input from a psychiatrist or a GP.

I work with all major health insurance providers, and my fees are fully covered by these insurance providers. The first step in the process is to come in for a 50 minute assessment. So we can discuss your needs and develop a treatment plan. I have a practice on Harley Street, Central London, and another in Wandsworth, South West London. I work during the day and in the evenings, so I can work around your commitments.

I am an integrative psychologist, therefore I use all of the major approaches to psychotherapy in my practice.

My therapeutic practice will alway be in your best interests: prioritising your privacy, meeting therapeutic goals, and helping you find happiness.

How to start therapy

Get comfortable?

You need to be comfortable with therapy and my delivery. So do ask me any questions?

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Starting therapy

I use a multitude of different techniques and personalise the therapy to suit you and your needs.

How therapy starts

Arrange an assessment

Therapy starts with a 50 minute assessment, where we talk, I detail how I can help, and we agree a treatment plan.

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